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Hello again friends and family, and a warm welcome to our new friends and farm supporters. Allow me to introduce our family. Farmer Frank is the 3rd generation to work and manage the farm on this land. Frank and I went to Jr. High School and High School together here in this small town of Half Moon Bay, Ca. We didn’t date in school at all, but with a graduating class of about 167 kids total, we knew each other pretty well. Our oldest son is Keaghan, and just turned 16. Tiernan is our older middle so, and is 14 and getting ready to start High School. Leighton is our tractor driving toddler/ Napoleon. And Scarlett is our only and sweetest little girl.

COVID-19 shed light on how fragile our food system is. With our local stores unable to keep produce, dairy, and meat stocked, we found our produce in huge demand. As such, Farmer Frank’s Mom, Miss Terry, extended her Barn Stand hours to 7 days a week, we partnered with a local business to offer home delivery during the spring, and we have been selling out at all our Farmer’s Markets weekly.

While this has been positive for our business, it’s heartbreaking to see other farms struggling. We hope that you will continue to support us. We hope you will take time to buy your produce from the farm first, come back for sunflowers, and then again for pumpkins. We are so thankful to be able to keep the family farm going, and we thank you for participating with us.

We realize that many, if not all of you, are anxious to learn about our You Pick Sunflower Field. The multiple calls daily got me thinking it’s high time I share some of our latest information, so here goes.

1. Our sunflowers were recently planted and are still quite small. So small that we are saying “nothing to see here, nothing to see,” but there is always something to show.

2. We aim to open the field in late August or early September 2020. We can’t tell at this time just when we will open because the weather will determine when the flowers begin to bloom. 3. Due to Covid 19 we will likely need to take additional measures to ensure health and safety. We are waiting until closer to our opening to determine exactly what we will do, but prepaid reservations may be required this year, so keep your eyes open. Follow us on Instagram @andreottifamilyfarms or on Facebook @andreottipumpkins for regular updates and opening day details.

4. Fun fact- the sunflower field is the kickoff of our fall season. Sunflowers and pumpkins were planted within a week of each other.

In Other News

We are working on giving our side of the Farm a facelift. Both outside and inside. We are also working on a new logo, and are in need of some inspiration. Find us on Pinterest and share with us won’t you?

Thank you again for supporting our family and our farm. We couldn’t do it without you.

Until soon,


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