You Pick Sunflower Field 2020 FAQ's
  • Are Reservations Required? 

    • No they are not required, and we do hold a few spaces for walk ins at each reservation time. The in person/walk in ticket price is $10/person​

  • How do reservations work?
    • Reservations are not required. We hold a few spots at every hour for walk ins.
    • Reservations start at the top of every hour and last for 50 mins. Your reservation includes the option to harvest 5 flowers/ paid person.​
    • You should plan to arrive 10-15 mins prior to your reservation to check in and sign the release of liability waiver.
    • We will hold your reservation for 10 mins, however if you are late, we may not be able to honor your reservation. Please plan accordingly.
    • Reservations are non-refundable.

  • Will you only be open this week, because the date I want isn't showing up on the ticket site.

    • Yes, although we will only release one week of reservations at a time. 

  • Can I bring my dog?

    • Dogs are allowed however they must be on leash at all times, and owners must hold leash at all times. Owners must also have poop scoop bags, and follow our 'Pack It In Pack It Out Policy'​

  • Do children need tickets too?

    • If your child is walking, they need a ticket too. This is because its near impossible for anyone to walk through the field without causing some collateral damage. Multiply this by infinity if you are a small person.​

  • Can I bring my stroller?

    • Strollers will not work inside the sunflower field. We advise you to skip the strollers for this trip, and use a sling/or backpack with your little ones instead.

  • Can we picnic on the edge of the field?

    • No Food or Drink in the field please. Firstly because of Covid, we don't want you to remove your masks. Secondly, food leads to food waste, leads to lots of extra clean up which we don't want to do. Please enjoy your meals elsewhere this year.​

  • Can I take pictures when I'm in the sunflower field?

    • Of course, however, please don't remove your masks. We want to stay open for the duration of our fall season, and we need your help and cooperation to do so. Keep your mask on thank you.​

  • Does the farm supply clippers to harvest the flowers?

    • We do have a limited number of clippers which we sanitize between each use, however it is a good idea to bring your own to avoid having to wait or share. If clippers are available, your group is limited to one set.​

  • Do You Have a Bathroom on the farm?

    • Due to Covid Restrictions, we do not have a public restroom available this year. There are 2 grocery shopping centers and several gas stations at the HwY 92 and HWY 1 connection. Please stop for a potty break before arriving at the farm.

  • What should I wear?

    • Wear close toed shoes to protect your feet. We recommend pants and long sleeves for the best protection, but we err on the side of function, so we will leave the form to you.

  • I don't want to pick flowers, I just want to go take a picture in the field. Do I still have to pay?

    • Most definitely you still need to pay. We grow the field for our guests to enjoy of course, AND this is how we feed our family. Please have some respect for our work, and our home, and honor us by paying to frolic in our backyard.


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